It’s late, the road is long and why don’t we just dive into this AAA review sports fans? The short version; the show was pretty damn good, with several standout matches, no stinkers and a wild main event. The long version; keep reading. LET’S GET STARTED!



EMW Middleweight Championship Match

Black Destiny defeated Drake, Fantastik, Genio del Aire, Rayo Star and Skalibur


It was a surprise match to kick things off for AAA and it was, in the words of the Bloodhound Gang, LIKE SIZZLER!



This was all action all the time sports fans and I loved every second of it! Usually there are moments in these matches were the sloppiness overshadows the good work but aside from a slightly missed Spanish Fly on the floor this was as clean as it was wild. All six guys looked tremendous. (Damian) Drake had a good showing in Tijuana and was even better here, showing off some more athleticism and the ability to take a great shit kicking. Genio del Aire, Skalibur and Rayo Star were all flying high and Black Destiny, as he’s prone to do, looked like a star. Only Fantastik kind of got lost in the shuffle and he had some nice moments too. There wasn’t much a story to this (other than the Baja California based title being on the line after Drago vacated it) but this match was fun, furious and unforgettable. In other words, the usual AAA opener!


Big Mami & Niño Hamburguesa defeated Jonathan & Lady Maravilla


You know what they say sports fans; when you can’t get Black Danger, get yourself a Jonathan. That’s what Lady Maravilla did here and boy did it not work out as Big Mami and Hamburguesa continued their winning streak over her. At least she continued to fracture that alliance however. The match was all about Maravilla continuing to seduce Hamburguesa as the rift between he and Mami grew, with a few cool moves and Hamburguesa and Mami holding it together long enough to win sprinkled in. Overall I thought it worked on all counts. Hamburguesa and Jonathan looked good during their sequences, Maravilla had a few nice kicks, Mami did her shtick well and the storyline remains hot. I would caution that there’s only so many times Hamburguesa can carry Maravilla out post match only to be her nemesis again next time out, but that’s a concern for another time. For now this match did its job; it got the crowd hot, advanced the story and was entertaining for what it was.


Chik Tormenta & El Hijo del Tirantes defeated Faby Apache & Taya


You are reading that correctly sports fans. The Luchadora Sorpresa for this match wasn’t Tessa Blanchard, nor was it a luchadora; it was freakin El Hijo del Tirantes. It was like going from The Avengers to The Avengers: Age of Ultron!


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The good news is the match didn’t turn out to be terrible; it was overbooked as holy hell but I’ve seen worst matches this past week. Tirantes isn’t a great wrestler but he’s at least better than the worst guys in AAA, and both Faby and Taya had great fun beating him up. There were also a few good Chik Tormenta/Taya sequences sprinkled in to make us wonder just what that match would be like if they ever got the chance. In the end though this was definitely more of what AAA should be looking to move past (complete with Tirantes being helped by another rudo referee because of course he was!) and unfortunately I think we’re just going to get more of this. That be great if it was more of Taya and Tormenta; it’s not so much when it’s Faby having to carry El Hijo del Tirantes. Yikes!


Four Way Elimination Match

Hijo del Vikingo defeated Flamita, Golden Magic and Villano III Jr.


Let’s go over the flaws sports fans. There was Villano III Jr. being eliminated via injury that took a bit of time, the match being revealed to be an elimination match midway through and OH MY GRODD WHO THE HELL CARES BECAUSE THIS MATCH WAS THE BOMB DIGGITY!


Image result for amazement rick and morty gif

Me talking to this match


If anything ever lived up to the phrase “as good as advertised” it was this match. Like the opener it was exactly what you wanted from these four guys; fast paced, high octane action with a lot of wonderful moves. All four guys were terrific. You could in fact make the argument that Vikingo was the worst guy in this match…and all he did was pull of Super Reverse Rana’s and have a tremendous back and forth session with Flamita during the closing moments. Speaking of Flamita, he was all in on this match (unlike some of his other AAA performances) and meshed so well with Vikingo that AAA be wise to go back to that as a singles. Golden Magic meanwhile looked like the guy who had bangers with Pentagon and Fenix in Lucha Capital and Villano III Jr. was as good as expected with the higher level of competition, though it’s a shame he had to be knocked out via “injury.” That’s a nitpick though; overall this was a terrific match with a great result in Vikingo going over.


Killer Kross & Taurus defeated Brian Cage & Laredo Kid


This match went from the semi-main event to this spot, traded in Daga for Killer Kross and barely lost a step. I think I’m going to be higher on this match than most but, in the words of Dave Chappelle, SO THE (bleep) WHAT?! I thought this was a very good match, especially when Taurus was involved. If you thought that dude was good at Rey de Reyes then wait till you see this performance. He was somehow even better here, delivering a tour de force of basing, athleticism, unbelievable moves and even a dive here and there. He wasn’t the only one. Killer Kross doesn’t have the athleticism of the other guys here but he makes up for it in being a scary son of a bitch, and he did a good job tossing dudes around and squaring off with Cage. And Cage and Laredo Kid were terrific as expected, with Laredo really going balls out towards the end with a dive that took out every member of Poder del Norte. Oh yes; those guys were there, both to distract Laredo long enough for Taurus to recover and pick up the win and then challenge for a Trios Championship match down the road. That was good the first time they and Los Jinetes del Aire squared off and it should be again, provided Myzteziz Jr. ever resurfaces. I’m just glad AAA waited till after the match to go into the rudo beat down phase and especially happy they had the technicos overcome them. That never happens these days! Roll it all up in a ball and it equals a good match and an enjoyable segment overall.


Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana defeated Australian Suicide, Daga, Jack Evans


With Sammy Guevara in Pakistan the honor of tagging with Australian Suicide and Jack Evans fell to Daga. The result; meh. Alright that’s a bit too harsh as I actually thought the match was solid. Poder del Norte did their thing (and did it well), the makeshift team of Daga, Jack and Suicide was alright and aside from a near slip up by Mocho Cota on a top rope Spanish Fly (which he recovered from to hit the move) the match was relatively clean. The problems were a crowd that couldn’t have cared less (this was rudo vs. rudo after all) and the fact that Jack and Suicide were pretty tame overall. They did stuff…they just didn’t do nearly as much as they usually do. It was odd and it took away from the match I felt. Still pretty decent overall, but not as good as it could’ve been.


Murder Clown, Psycho Clown, Puma King defeated Chessman, Rey Escorpión, Texano Jr.


Here is a quick recap of what happened in this match sports fans. Are you ready? Are you sure? Good; Impostor La Parka started it out before getting gored out of the ring by Taurus, Laredo Kid ran in to run off Taurus, Poder del Norte ran out to beat Laredo up, Vikingo ran out with a lead pipe to fight them off, Murder Clown ran out to replace Parka as all the aforementioned peeps brawled to the back, Killer Kross later ran out to put Puma King through a table and while all that was going on a match still managed to take place. It was complete and utter chaos; I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!


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This sports fans was one of those cases where AAA finds just the right amount of crazy, mixes it with the right amount of wrestling and creates something wonderful. No it made no sense for Murder Clown to replace La Parka but who cares; he’s a much better wrestler than Parka (who actually wasn’t terrible during his limited action thanks to great basing from Chessman) and he helped elevate this match big time by pulling off 619’s, Planchas and tope con hilos. Of course he got a nice assist from the always game Puma King, a really strong batch of performances from the rudos (who didn’t do anything otherworldly but were always in the right spot at the right time) and Psycho Clown, who once again proved why he’s the ace. There is magic between him and Rey Escorpión I tell you and I hope AAA unleashes it soon. We do know for sure AAA will be unleashing Puma King vs. Killer Kross on us soon, which is an intriguing bout if nothing else. That’s the future though; tonight is the present and this match ruled the present. It was crazy, it featured dozens of people who weren’t involved and it was beautiful all the same.


There you have it sports fans. I will now retreat into sleep so I can review CMLL tomorrow and preview AAA’s Sunday show. Good times. TILL THEN!



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