After last week’s super strong weekend, I think we were all primed to see what AAA would deliver tonight from Los Mochis, despite the card not looking as strong as last weekend’s. So it comes as a disappointment that, compared to those shows, this one was just…good? It’s almost a little too harsh because in the end AAA made good changes to the card to make matches better and didn’t actually feature a terrible match. But there was no blow away bout, several matches didn’t quite live up to their potential once they were changed, the main event was a real downer and for some reason, Hijo del Tirantes refereed every match on this show. Needless to say he got himself physically involved in half of them, which was way too many. So yeah; a good show, but definitely not quite what we’ve been getting from AAA. Hopefully that changes Sunday. But that is then; this is now. Let’s review.



Arez & Lady Maravilla defeated Big Mami & Niño Hamburguesa


IT HAS HAPPENED SPORTS FANS! For the first time in what feels like decades, the team of Big Mami and Niño Hamburguesa has lost a match. What’s next; a Canadian team wins the Stanley Cup?!


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I tell you, this was not a moment too soon sports fans. As enjoyable as this Niño Hamburguesa/Lady Maravilla story has been it was threatening to get stale very quickly with each match following the same “Maravilla attempts to seduce Hamburguesa, is unsuccessful when Big Mami is there.” This time they changed it up; Mami and Hamburguesa were even more at each other’s throats and this time they couldn’t overcome it to get the victory. Maybe it was Arez in Villano III Jr.’s place that did the trick! In any event that little change, coupled with Hamburguesa standing up to Mami even more than usual, was a huge breath of fresh air for this angle and should help it going forward. It certainly helped the match, which was better than what we got last week. Maravilla did one hell of a job selling for Big Mami (while also breaking out a rarely seen moonsault), Arez was very good despite largely taking it easy after two very active days and Hamburguesa was Hamburguesa. There have been better matches during the Maravilla-Hamburguesa angle, but this was a very enjoyable match all the same, largely because AAA finally changed things up a bit.


Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana defeated Mamba, Máximo, Myzteziz Jr.


This match had the unfortunate distinction of starting just when Ángel de Oro/Niebla Roja vs. Adam Brooks/Mecha Wolf 450 match was kicking into high gear, so I can’t say I had my full attention on this until midway. What I saw was good, though maybe not as high wired as you’d normally want. AAA did make the great move of moving Keyra out of this match and replacing her with Myzteziz (ensuring there’d be no “teammate turns on partners” swerve we usually get), and Myzteziz was easily a highlight of this match with his usual high energy performance. The issue is Mamba and Máximo, despite good efforts, weren’t anywhere near his nor Poder del Norte’s level, and as a result the match was calmer than it would’ve been with Vikingo or Laredo Kid involved. Even still it was a well worked match with good performances from the right people (Myzteziz, all of Poder del Norte), it wisely had Poder del Norte going over again to set up an upcoming Trios Championship match and most importantly it had a nice post match angle with Hijo del Vikingo coming out to save his buddy Myzteziz, followed by them cleaning house. It’s not often we get the technico save that actually sticks, so that was nice to see.


Chik Tormenta, Keyra, Monsther Clown defeated Drago, Faby Apache, Golden Magic


Look at AAA coming through with yet another change for the better! Instead of getting Hijo del Tirantes as the rudos surprise partner, Keyra was moved up from the last match as the Luchadora Sorpresa, instantly improving this match. Of course Tirantes still wound up being referee and beat up Faby Apache in the post match so it wasn’t a total win (although AAA did tease a singles match between them soon, indicating we may be done with this angle sooner rather than later). In the end though this was still better than we all expected, though not quite good given the referee stuff. Faby, Tormenta and Keyra had some moments but I expect we’ll get some better, stiffer action from the three of them in the future. Meanwhile Monsther Clown didn’t screw anything up, Drago was Drago and Golden Magic continued his recent hot streak. Whatever he’s done to get this newfound confidence, Magic needs to do himself a favor and keep doing it. He’s beginning to look closer and closer to the guy we saw in Lucha Capital against Pentagon and Fenix.


Chessman & Taurus defeated Flamita & Hijo del Vikingo


If you ever wanted the wrestling equivalent of that scene from Rush Hour 2 where Chris Tucker screams “THIS IS CRAAAZY!!!!!”, this was it! I swear to Grodd this match alternated between breathtaking, out of control, sloppy and brilliant, sometimes all at the same time! I’m not sure how to describe other than to pull out the Batman gif while I gather my thoughts. Yeah; let’s do that!



Perhaps this is the best way to describe this match sports fans; it was a good, imperfect match with some of the best effort you’ll ever seen. Excluding Chessman of course; not to say that the dude didn’t try but holy hell did he have an off night and a half. It started when he slipped a bit on a back flip attempt and he just went downhill from there, failing to do the “dive catch into powerbomb” spot and messing up several other times. He did have a few highlights catching Vikingo’s Dragonrana spot later so there was that. In the end it just didn’t come together for him, whereas for the most part it came together for the other three. Flamita looked terrific, Taurus was as brutal and brilliant as always and all you need to know about Vikingo is he attempted a launching hurricanrana over the turnbuckle and to the floor. THAT’S RIGHT; HE TRIED IT! It didn’t quite work (he didn’t get enough air) but the effort was so impressive that you can’t help but admire it. Plus he did technically hit a crossbody so the spot still kind of worked! Really it was that kind of match sports fans. Not everything worked and some of it really didn’t work. But the effort was off the charts and the stuff that did work was exquisite. A very good match that probably would’ve been a blow away match on a better night.


Lumberjack Match

Rey Escorpión defeated Psycho Clown


Yesterday, when I did the preview for this match, I made note that, if nothing else, this match would handle the lumberjack stipulation far better than the Triplemania match between Los OGT’s and MAD did. What do you know; I was dead on. This time AAA booked this like a lumberjack match and as a result it was the best match on the show.


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Don’t get me wrong sports fans; this was also the best match on the show because Psycho Clown and Rey Escorpión are really, really good, especially with each other. They were again tonight, though to be honest I thought they weren’t quite on their best! Psycho wasn’t flying around as much as he has been and Escorpión seemed a bit subdued as well, at least as subdued as one can seem hitting Super Rana’s. Even still the two have developed such a chemistry that they can’t help but look great (they also did things like the aforementioned Super Rana, a great Psycho Superplex and a Psycho dive off the light stand), and again, they didn’t need to go all out with the stipulation. And as already stated the stipulation worked to perfection. The lumberjacks were involved heavily, they did cool things (like the moonsault spots by Myzteziz and Vikingo, who really were just everywhere tonight) and best of all AAA made sure to make rivals interact. Hence why we had Big Mami and Lady Maravilla brawling, Vikingo and Myzteziz going after Poder del Norte, so on and so forth. It was an exceptionally booked match from that standpoint and I can’t see how the fans of Los Mochis didn’t get their money’s worth. Sure, maybe the work could’ve been a tad bit better but overall this was, at worst, close to what I wanted. A very good match and easily the best thing on the show.


Blue Demon Jr. & Texano Jr. defeated Dr. Wagner Jr. & Pagano


You’ll all be stunned to know that this was exactly what it looked like going in sports fans. Pagano tried (and actually did kind of succeed), Texano coasted, Blue Demon Jr. really coasted and Dr. Wagner…well at least his hair is getting longer! Did you see that thing? He looked like he was rocking the hairdo of the villain from Stargate. In the end that wasn’t nearly enough to make this match interesting and it boggles the mind AAA put this match on last instead of the lumberjack match, which was far more over. I get we’ve got a Triplemania main event to promote but that’s still a few months away; give something else a chance, especially when it’s going to be even more exciting. A very weird decision on AAA’s part there sports fans. Then again I’m sure some of that is coming from my disappointment at AAA ending their streak of strong main events. The two we got last week were both highly entertaining and well wrestled; this match, with its lame brawling and Tirantes interference (the third match he did so tonight…come on AAA!) was neither and more or less served as a call back to the era of AAA main events that weren’t so good. Hell this wasn’t even as good as that match from last Sunday that La Parka and Dave the Clown had. LA PARKA AND DAVE THE CLOWN! In short, this was a subpar end to an otherwise alright show.


And with that I’m off to get some shut eye! I shall return tomorrow sports fans with a review of the CMLL show (which from what I saw was very strong) and a preview of AAA’s Sunday show in Hermosillo. TILL THEN!


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