Well sports fans…as the old say goes, all good things must come to an end. Last night AAA’s streak of good shows ended with their first real below average offering since their January show at the new Pepsi Center. I’m not sure how it happened given this show looked to be the stronger of the two weekend shows. But a terrible change to the opener that shortened the show to five matches, two awful performances in the second match and uninspired work later in the card were ultimately too much for the show to overcome, despite a strong trios match in the middle of the show. Combine that with the rudos winning all eleven matches this weekend and yeah; not a fun picture. And now I have to review it! Now AAA knows how I feel almost after every CMLL show Monday through Tuesday.


Three Way Tag Team Match

Keyra & Samoano defeated Big Mami & Hijo del Tirantes and Faby Apache & Niño Hamburguesa


Let’s not mince words sports fans; this was the worst opener AAA has had since March of 2018. Oh my goodness was this terrible. It started off with AAA changing everything around to a trios match between Big Mami/Faby/Hamburguesa vs. Keyra/Samoano/Tirantes before Konnan (acting very much like Vampiro did in the dark ages) came out to change the match into a three way tag between Keyra/Samoano, Mami/Tirantes and Faby/Hamburguesa. At least I think those were the teams; in any event it was impossible to tell by the end because the match was worked like a trios match and OH MY GRODD THIS WAS SO DUMB!


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Seriously; I have no idea what AAA was thinking here. The only good things you can say about this match is a) Keyra got the win, b) they continued the Lady Maravilla/Hamburguesa story by having Maravilla distract Hamburguesa towards the end (allowing Keyra to get the edge on Big Mami) and c) Faby got her hands on Tirantes. That’s it. Beyond that this match made no sense, the way it was worked made no sense, the way it was booked made no sense; not a thing made sense. I guess this was AAA’s way of getting the stupid stuff out of the way, but considering they could’ve just, I don’t know, not booked the stupid stuff to begin AND run a much more appealing Keyra/Arez match instead…you get the picture. Whatever way you want to slice it, this was beyond dumb and a terrible way to kick off the show.


Chik Tormenta & Lady Maravilla defeated Mamba & Máximo


The good news; this match was better than the opener and the right team won. The bad news; everything other than Chik Tormenta and Lady Maravilla was putrid. Grodd bless those two because they were trying hard. Unfortunately they got less than nothing from their opponents, who looked like they should be joining La Máscara in getting bounced from AAA. Mamba was actually having just a mediocre night until botching Lady Maravilla’s Spanish Fly, forcing her to improvise. And Máximo was just awful, a far cry from the dude who used to have good matches in CMLL. He nearly injured Maravilla early on with a simple arm drag, then botched another move involving her later on that was so bad I’m not even sure what move he was attempting. Like what the hell?! This was bad, bad, bad, and not even Big Mami coming out to attack Maravilla afterwards could save it. It’s been a long time since AAA had a start this bad but man, between this and the first match this was tough sledding.


Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana defeated Flamita, Hijo del Vikingo, Myzteziz Jr.


And just like that sports fans the show was saved (briefly)! That’s what happens when Poder del Norte, Flamita and two members of Los Jinetes del Aire ride in on white horses to restore order.



Now to be fair, this match (which was great) definitely gets heightened by how bad the first two matches were. On the other hand you could’ve stuck this on any of the recent AAA shows and it would’ve stood out as one of the best. It started with all three technicos diving off the stage onto Poder del Norte, transitioned into a great heat sequence by Brava, Cota and Santana and then went bat shit insane in a sequence that saw Vikingo hit a dive over the turnbuckle while Flamita hit a 619 ON THE SAME TURNBUCKLE, followed by Myzteziz hitting a Space Tiger Dive. Absolutely out of this world stuff. There were a few iffy moments between Tito Santana and Myzteziz towards the end and Flamita’s Apron Shooting Star didn’t reach full rotation, but those are minor nitpicks compared to what we got earlier. Otherwise this was tremendous stuff from both teams, with Poder del Norte getting another well deserving win as we head towards that Jinetes del Aire/Poder del Norte rematch. I liked it so much I didn’t even mind the Impostor Parka appearance post match! That’s how well this went.


Arez, Monsther Clown, Taurus defeated Drago, Golden Magic, Impostor Parka


When I saw Impostor Parka come out for this match sports fans…let’s just say it was not a good feeling that ran through me! Luckily for us, despite Parka reverting back to awful after a brief reprieve last week, the rest of this match held up its end of the bargain. Yes; even Monsther Clown wasn’t that bad! He wasn’t that great either but he didn’t mess anything up and based well for Golden Magic so he gets points there. Speaking of Golden Magic, the hot streak continued as he was the star of this match. I feared he may get lost in the Parka shuffle, but instead he was busting out some crazy shit, most of it with Monsther instead of the established bases that are Arez and Taurus. You know you’ve got confidence when you’re doing that. Meanwhile Drago had a good night, Arez (the guy who did unfortunately get too little to do) had some nice moments and by Grodd that Taurus guy just continues to be a runaway train. He was running over everyone and fortunately ran over Drago to get yet another W. I don’t know if it was a good match, but I was dreading another bad one when Parka came out and the guys around him did a good job making this watchable and at times fun. Nice work by those five.


Chessman, Rey Escorpión, Texano Jr. defeated Dr. Wagner Jr., Pagano, Psycho Clown


This match needed to be at least near the level of last weekend’s two headliners to make this a good show sports fans. Spoiler; it didn’t get there. I’d like to say it wasn’t for a lack of trying but aside from Pagano and a few moments from Escorpión and Psycho, there really wasn’t a whole lot of effort here. This felt like six dudes going through the motions at the end of a long show that hadn’t been really good. I quite frankly was more entertained by the massive post match brawl where the rudos (including Poder del Norte and Taurus) beat down the technicos (including Parka, Vikingo and Myzteziz); of course by then I was so done with this show that I couldn’t really care. It’s a little unfair because this match wasn’t nearly as bad as the first two matches on this show. It also however wasn’t as good as the semi-main event and, again, was an uninspired conclusion to a show that was uninspiring. It doesn’t help either that guys like Psycho Clown and Rey Escorpión have been tremendous recently and to see them coasting is just disappointing. Much like this show! In the end this was forgettable mediocrity, the perfect capper for a show that was very much in the same boat.


And I’m spent. I’ll see you for the CMLL Puebla results later tonight sports fans. TILL THEN!


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