You gotta love AAA sports fans. They’ve got a live show on Twitch coming up in less than twenty minutes, and yet no one’s going to notice because WWE is doing Survivor Series tonight at the same time. Well that’s not true; myself and Lucha Central will notice. But then again we’re also the only ones who noticed Angelikal’s double moonsault last week, which otherwise didn’t exist because his name isn’t Ricochet and he didn’t do it in a promotion with the correct initials. Sorry; my bitterness is showing! Let’s take said bitterness and turn it into a whole lot of lame jokes, Buffy references, mark outs over Angelikal dives and bitterness towards Los Mercenarios shall we?



Centinella, Mr. Alfa, Villano III Jr. defeated Rey Puma, Syrus, VIP


What do you know; they showed the opener after all! This was a good thing because this match was pretty good. It wasn’t on the level of most AAA openers, mostly because the dives these guys broke out were very by the book. Besides that the work was very good. Rey Puma looks like a really impressive luchador in the making, Syrus (the guy in the blue mask) was fine, Villano’s partners Centinella and Mr. Alfa were both far better than I expected them to be on first glance and by Grodd Villano III Jr. is really, REALLY good! How is it everyone from that family ends up becoming a star? We already knew he was sound, and tonight we got to see him show off some hops with a great senton and an excellent finishing dive to give his team the win. Good stuff from Villano! He was definitely the best guy in this match by a mile, but the other guys did the best they could and as a Villano III Jr. showcase you can’t do much better given the talent level. Good opener.


Lady Shani, Star Fire, Vanilla defeated Keyra, Lady Maravilla, Zafiro


Bad news sports fans; this match started off with Vampiro coming down to the ring to announce Scarlett Bordeaux couldn’t make the show. Why she couldn’t; who knows. All I know is local luchadora Zafiro took her place and many a young man took the news like this.


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Now to the actual match. It was like the new Tomb Raider movie; there were some things I really liked about it and some things that I really wish had been smoothed out. This was not a great night for Vanilla, who managed to hit a tornillo after slipping once and nearly slipping again and otherwise just looked super off. Lady Shani meanwhile seemed to be off on her timing, Star Fire wasn’t able to get much going after the opening sequence and Zafiro, while not bad, pretty much just existed. It just goes to show you how much I liked Keyra and Lady Maravilla’s performances in this match. They were as hard hitting as usual and the match clicked the most when they were able to get in their stuff. Naturally that seemed to be few and far between, but it was enough to make this match enjoyable enough for me that I can say it was okay. Even better; the post match, where Shani and Keyra brawled at ringside and even wound up switching masks! At least I think they did; Keyra was at least wearing Shani’s at some point. They’re in that Guerra de Titanes Reina de Reinas match, but this sort of brawl indicates there’s something bigger coming for them. Then again it’s AAA, so maybe it’s just a fun brawl tonight that means nothing next week. Either way I wish everyone not named Keyra and Maravilla had that fire in the actual match. It would’ve made it much more fun.


Cage the Technico?


Sports fans…did we just get an AAA promo segment that actually did something?! Psycho Clown came out to complain about Blue Demon Jr. being teamed with him tonight (a legit point; why was Demon teaming with him?), Imposter Parka came out to agree and then Konnan, Cage, Fantasma and Texano came out to confront them. And that’s where things got interesting. Fantasma started to go on about challenging Fenix for the Mega Championship, which would be understandable if he wasn’t in the ring with the number one contender for the title in Cage. The Machine rightfully called Fantasma out for this, then got into it with Konnan about who the leader of tonight’s team was and then got beaten down his best buds for his troubles. Imposter Parka and Psycho waited a full minute to help Cage, only to then get jumped by Blue Demon Jr. for a four on three beat down. Great stuff; not as good as Konnan pleading for his life while Psycho was stalking him, but still pretty good. I guess now that means Cage and Demon are switching sides later tonight? That would make sense and potentially make the  match better; of course Cage could pull a Four Horseman and betray his team but let’s cross that bridge when we get there. For now, I’d just like to applaud AAA for doing a talking segment that actually did something and entertained me.


Angelikal, Hijo del Vikingo, Laredo Kid defeated Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana


I have come to realize that when it comes to these two teams, I’m like Sean Ambrose in the third act of Mission: Impossible II. KEEP! IT! GOING!



My Grodd sports fans; just when you thought these two teams would have trouble topping their last match a week ago, they come out and top it by a mile. This might not have been as smooth as last Saturday’s bout but it was crazier, more varied and dare I say more exciting. Poder del Norte still kept their usual offense in there (the chair was used, as Grodd intended), but they did a nice job adding new wrinkles to their game, especially at the beginning. Of course it didn’t really matter what they did because Angelikal, Laredo Kid and Vikingo are the best trio in Mexico and this was only their second match. Let me put it to you this way; Angelikal once again did the Double Springboard Moonsault (although it was more of a senton as he didn’t quite rotate all the way the second time) and it was, at best, the second best thing in this match. The best thing belonged to Vikingo, who walked across at least two backs to hit a Dragonrana to kick start the technico comeback. Have you ever seen anything like that? Me neither. Just off the charts stuff from Vikingo, and proof that this team is so good that the Double Moonsault guy is arguably the third best member of the team. And that’s not to take anything away from Angelikal, who was great besides that Double Moonsault (how about his off the back senton?!), or the red hot Laredo Kid, who continues to be on the roll of his career. I don’t know how they top this at Guerra de Titanes sports fans but I am dying to find out. This is the best rivalry and best batch of matches going on right now.


Joe Lider & Pagano defeated Cíclope & Miedo Extremo


I guess this show is all about escalation because like the preceding match, this one was far crazier than the bout these two teams had last week. It was also better, despite Pagano doing everything in his power to wreck it. Grodd bless that man for he tries so hard, but all that effort in the world doesn’t change that Pagano has the athleticism of toilet paper, something that keeps him from doing all the crazy things he wants to do smoothly. It does lead to a lot of comedy though, such as that near catastrophic double apron suplex through barbed wire boards, a Guillotine Leg Drop attempt that didn’t connect and, of course, the climax of this match where Pagano hit a Spanish Fly on Cíclope through a flaming table. How Cíclope doesn’t have third degree burns is beyond me. So that stuff was nuts in a hilarious way. Everything else I thought was nuts it a great way. Cíclope and Extremo are extremely talented dudes and they did a hell of a job in this match getting their stuff in while selling their asses off for their opponents. And how about Joe Lider? I loved him in this match. He’s not the best worker either but like Pagano he tries so hard, and unlike Pagano he does have some athleticism. We saw it here with some great spots, including Lider finally hitting his Rolling DVD off the top and through a table to perfection. Big ups to him, Cíclope and Extremo. Pagano walked out of this match the hero because it’s his home town and all, but those three made this match as entertaining as it was. Well done you three; well done.


La Máscara, Monsther Clown, Rey Escorpión defeated Mamba, Máximo, Murder Clown


Finally…FINALLY, AAA got it right with the Los Mercenarios-Los Exoticos feud. Of course it happened while the crowd was dead because of the last match so I guess AAA is still batting .000 with this program. Crowd noise aside though this was far more interesting than what we’ve been getting from these two sides. Murder Clown’s inclusion helped; the guy was dishing out all sorts of power moves, hit a 619 and a flip dive. If you replaced Pagano with him in the last match it might’ve been the best Lucha Extrema match AAA had done this year. Rey Escorpión also looked energized and AAA wisely limited Mamba and Monsther Clown, allowing for Escorpión, Murder and the Máximo-Máscara sequences to carry the match while keeping the pace going. Stick this a spot lower and I think this match gets the crowd and is really good. Instead, while being a step in the right direction, it was very much lacking the heat it needed to get over. But hey; at least we now know AAA can have an entertaining match with Máximo and Máscara on opposite sides. Perhaps this is the beginning of good things to come. Or perhaps AAA should just stick Murder Clown in all these matches from now on. Him replacing Pimpi was like having Batman: Arkham Origins and trading it in for Spider-Man.


Brian Cage, Imposter La Parka, Psycho Clown vs. Blue Demon Jr., El Hijo del Fantasma, Texano Jr.


I was right; Cage and Blue Demon did switch sides tonight. I was also right in predicting it would help the match tremendously. It went from being an annoying looking main event to one that could’ve been honest to Grodd good if AAA had found a way to replace Imposter Parka with anyone. Hell Pagano would’ve done a better job than him. AAA wisely booked him to sell or brawl outside most of the match and even then, he found a way to screw shit up in a fifteen second sequence that was so bad it might’ve been co-directed by Uwe Boll and Tommy Wiseau.


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Imposter aside, I enjoyed everything else. Many things have been said about Blue Demon Jr. but holy hell these main events are far more enjoyable with him involved than they were with Jeff Jarrett. Not only is Demon in far better shape than Double J but he moves better, his offense looks decent aside from his punches and he can actually take a bump. I don’t want to see him every night, but I saw enough when he was in there with Cage and Psycho that I’m pretty sure someone like Psycho could get a memorable, dare I say good Apuesta match out of him. In the end though he was definitely secondary to the rest of the guys here. Texano was very solid, Fantasma did well when he wasn’t letting the crowd distract him from spots (I counted at least twice where Tirantes had to tell Fantasma to get his ass in gear) and Cage and Psycho came across like complete stars. The Machine immediately adapted to the technico role and got put over strong in getting the pin, a sign that maybe AAA is finally ready to go with him come December when he faces Fenix. And Psycho continues to be the anti-Pagano; he tries so hard and just makes things better with his off the charts effort. Those two carried this match and helped lift it up. Very solid main event that built to Guerra de Titanes well overall, and a good close to the show.


That was tonight’s AAA show and boy I thought it exceeded expectations. The luchadoras match was more disappointing than I expected but we got an extra match in the opener (which was good), the semi-main and main exceeded expectations, the Lucha Extrema match was exactly what it should’ve been and that Poder del Norte vs. *insert awesome name for Angelikal/Vikingo/Laredo Kid trio here* (I’m personally going with Die Young and Save Yourself. Hey, I’m a Brand New guy!) was the stuff dreams are made of. Best of all the booking seems to have caught up with the match quality; there’s some continuity, angles are starting to take shape and more stuff is making sense. It’s almost like Konnan’s vision is finally starting to take hold 100% and that’s made a big difference in the last two shows, both of which I really enjoyed. It’s a shame AAA had to compete with Survivor Series tonight and NXT last night; there were things done on this show that were just as impressive as anything on those two and yet they will go unnoticed because, in the least bitter way I can put it, life isn’t fair. But as someone who gave AAA their full intention tonight, I’m happy to say it was a good use of my time and I’ll remember this show and the moments fondly, even if no one else will. Well done AAA. Let’s hope they can keep it up.


And with that, I’m off to watch more Buffy! Till we meet again some sunny day.


Only true believers will get this reference!


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