Going into tonight’s AAA show in Cancun I was expecting a respectable but “calm” show as everyone geared up for tomorrow’s big Verano de Escandalo show. OOPS! As it turns out AAA doesn’t’ do calm; instead their luchadores do shit like jumping off of lighting rigs in between fans trying to grope/punch them (things that happened far more than I would’ve liked to have seen tonight). Basically this AAA show, which was more good than great, still wound up being nuts and served as a really easy watch going into tomorrow. And if what AAA teased on both Spanish and English commentary about Cody Rhodes and another All Elite Wrestling star coming in tomorrow (in addition to the Young Bucks) things could only get crazier. But that’s tomorrow. For now, we have a show to review.



Invencible Jr. & Tiger Fly defeated El Corsario Jr. & Guerrero Galactico


Ah the local opening match! You don’t get many of these on AAA shows these days but when you do their usually fast, furious and fun. This was the first two things and somewhat of the third one. Don’t get me wrong sports fans; the effort level was high for this one as Invencible, Tiger Fly, Galactico and Corsario were looking to make an impression, and they cut a really good pace. For the most part though I couldn’t shake the feeling that these guys were less hidden gems and more a bunch of Máscara de Bronce’s. What they did they did well, but aside from a really great Sasuke Special it wasn’t nearly as exciting as you’ll see on a normal high level AAA show. It also had the sloppiness you’d expect from a match like this as well. It was still a pretty good match overall and I’m probably being harder on it than I should be. It just didn’t grab me beyond being a good opener. Then again, that is more than what CMLL openers give us these days so maybe I should stop being such a hard ass!


Mamba & Máximo defeated El Hijo del Tirantes & Keyra


You know what sports fans; I can’t hate this match too much. Was it long, boring and unnecessary? Yes. Was Keyra absolutely wasted? Yes. Should Máximo be jettisoned out into the La Máscara zone, never to be seen again? Yes, yes, A THOUSAND TIMES YES! And yet I can’t hate on this match for one reason and one reason alone; it kept Mamba, Máximo and Tirantes away from the important stuff on this card. It may have sucked, but it was a necessary evil.


The First Promo Segment in AAA History Where the Rudos Lost!


I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself! Dr. Wagner Jr. came out to cut a promo, Rey Escorpión interrupted, they fought, Taurus and La Hiedra came out to help Escorpión, Pagano came out to help Wagner…and he and Wagner prevailed. The universe is upside down!



Frankly that was the only thing interesting about this segment. Well that and all the Silver King chants as his death continues to loom large over Wagner’s journey to Triplemania. Otherwise it was just standard stuff, which is fine because Wagner and Escorpión are promos at this sort of thing. That and the technicos actually winning the segment were enough to make the segment a little more interesting than usual. I now look forward to it not happening again for another few years.


Chik Tormenta, La Hiedra, Tessa Blanchard defeated Lady Shani, Scarlett Bordeaux, Taya


This was exactly what you’d expect from these six luchadoras and exactly what you’d want from these six luchadoras. I had a great time watching this match, and not just because of that Scarlett Bordeaux entrance that somehow didn’t leave Lucha Central staff writer Miguel Peña with heart failure. There were a few moments that could’ve gone better, but overall I liked the pace these six cut and some of the sequences were tremendous. Lady Shani in particular had a tremendous night, peaking with a sequence where she pulled off some tricky, maestro (or maestra in this case) like sequences with La Hiedra. Everyone else was solid as well though, and I was happy to see Scarlett Bordeaux show off how much she’s improved since her last tour of AAA. It was fun, it was hard hitting and it accomplished what it needed to do in the end with Daga handing Tessa another win over Taya. That feud rolls on, and so do the solid AAA luchadoras matches.


Sammy Guevara defeated Myzteziz Jr. and Puma King


There were times sports fans where this match felt like it was on the verge of getting out of control. Coincidentally all those points involved Myzteziz potentially blowing a spot! He actually had a pretty good night all things considered, but this was less the guy who looked world class last week teaming with Golden Magic and closer to the guy who botched a ton of moves and nearly broke Chik Tormenta’s face a few weeks ago. Fortunately he was working with two guys who were on their game. Sammy Guevara was hysterical in his Jack Evans style rudo character (while also delivering some cool, clean sequences in the ring) while Puma King was tremendous. We forget, because he’s been working as a technico recently, how good a base Puma is and he showed it here, saving many of the moves Myzteziz looked to be in danger of losing, including a springboard rana attempt and a super powerbomb that Myzteziz looked like he wanted no part of. That’s why they were chanting for Puma throughout the match instead of Myzteziz though. This definitely would’ve been better if Myzteziz was on his A game, but Guevara and Puma were both really good and that helped elevate the match. Well that and Kross continuing his issues with a post match attack on Puma, followed by Guevara running for the hills. I laughed.


Daga defeated Laredo Kid


If there was one thing that frustrated me in the aftermath of the Laredo Kid-Hijo del Vikingo classic last week, it’s that all the glory and attention seemed to go to Vikingo. And make no mistake; he was tremendous in that match and he had most of the big time moves. But Laredo deserved just as much credit, if not more so, for that match being as great as it was, especially after the great last year he’s had. I guess he thought so too, because he went out there and tore the house down yet again tonight!



Let’s get one thing straight sports fans; this was not on the level of that Vikingo match last week. A big reason is the ending, which was marred by Tessa Blanchard interfering and taking the wind out of this match’s sails big time (in fairness, the match was still several notches below before that point). But that does little to take away with how impressive this match was. It was completely different from the Vikingo match, in that it was more of a fight than a display of high flying. But what a fight it was! Daga FINALLY had his marquee performance he’s been waiting for since returning to AAA, looking crisp throughout and breaking out some of the better things in his arsenal, like Superplex into a Brainbuster spot and his tribute to Kenny Omega with a One Winged Angel. But as strong as Daga was in this match, to me this was more about how well Laredo Kid was able to adapt to his style. Someone like Myzteziz and maybe even Vikingo would’ve struggled working a slower, more deliberate style of a match but Laredo never missed a beat; he looked right at home trading blows with Daga and still managed to fit in some of his great spots when he could. If the Vikingo match last week was proof of his aerial greatness, this match showed just how well rounded a performer he is, especially when you consider it with the rest of his canon over the last year. Will it be talked about as a Match of the Year contender down the road? No. But this was an overall fantastic match that managed to be completely different then what we got from Laredo last week, built to the tag match between him and Taya vs. Daga and Tessa tomorrow, got Daga a much needed strong solo performance and once again proved why the race for best luchador alive is between Laredo and Barbaro Cavernario…OR IS IT?!


Aerostar, Hijo del Vikingo, Impostor La Parka defeated Australian Suicide, Chessman, Monsther Clown


I believe I have used the Batman gif for two Impostor La Parka matches this year now. That’s two more than I ever expected! And yet it’s deserved…but less so for Parka and more so for his two unbelievable partners, who vaulted themselves into the Best Luchador Alive discussion with their performances in this match.



This was unexpectedly insane sports fans. Through the five minutes of the match myself, and pretty much everyone else I knew watching the show, was convinced this was going to be a dud and that every non Parka guy in this match deserved better. And then in the blink of an eye it all changed. Sure Parka still got his dumb comedy in and a few spots he should no longer be doing, but he wisely took a backseat in the second half of this match while Aerostar and Vikingo went flat out supernova. Vikingo was the tamer of the two, and he was still doing some crazy ass shit like a second rope springboard senton, a crazy rana off the post and to the floor and an Inverted 450 to win the match on Australian Suicide despite suffering a rib injury. He was nuts…and yet couldn’t top Aerostar, who started off slow (and by slow, I mean awesome!) with a triple jump hurricanrana from the apron and then topped it with, and this is true, A 20 FOOT TRUST FALL DIVE OFF THE LIGHTING RIG!



That’s right; THE LIGHTING RIG! It really happened, it was spectacular and it’s something Aerostar should NEVER do again the rest of his life. If anything goes wrong on that Aerostar is going to wind up critically injured (at best) and lucha libre loses one of its best performers. I love that he is willing to do anything possible to bring us all to our feet, but that is a trick Aerostar can leave in the bag from now on. With that said, this will go down as an all time memorable moment this year and you have to give MAJOR ups to Chessman and Monsther Clown, who had to be in perfect position to catch him and did so perfectly. Frankly those two (and Suicide) were tremendous in this match as well, even if it was just them primarily being in the right place at the right time for stuff like that. I don’t know what to say beyond that sports fans. This match was legit crazy, it was legit the best thing La Parka will be involved in this year and it should be shown to any fan who ever doubts Aerostar and Hijo del Vikingo’s greatness ever again. They were world class and beyond in this match. Just please Aerostar; NEVER DO THAT AGAIN! You are one of my favorites and I want you to wrestle for as long as humanly possible.


Dr. Wagner Jr., Pagano, Psycho Clown defeated Killer Kross, Rey Escorpión, Taurus


It’s a testament to how crazy the last match was that this bout seemed tame by comparison. And this was a match that featured fans trying to punch out Rey Escorpión and Scarlett Bordeaux looking like she was caught in complete chaos. In fairness, this was in many ways the stereotypical AAA main event we get these days, with the rudos dominating early and then the technicos turning the tide late. Dr. Wagner Jr. had another solid performance, though a lot of that can be attributed to Taurus being the perfect opponent for him. Pagano was Pagano. Both Psycho Clown and Rey Escorpión had moments, but for the most part they seemed to be taking things easy, at least as much as they could. That left Killer Kross to do stuff like a Frog Splash (I think his first ever?) and get laid out by Puma King, who came out to turn the tables on Kross after the rudo had left him laying earlier. In between all that we had La Hiedra interfering, Escorpión unmasking Psycho for the DQ and Los Mercenarios beating up the referee, Psycho and Pagano before doing their cool pose again. It all felt a little out of control…but then again maybe that’s me still linger from the effects of that Aerostar dive. Either way this was an easy to watch AAA main event that summed up this show by being unexpectedly on the wild side.


And with that sports fans I’m off to finish the Verano de Escandalo preview, then make my dad a CD for Father’s Day. Good shit. Till an hour or so from now.



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