Well sports fans; this AAA show did not entirely go the way of the more recent AAA shows. It started out okay in Arena Aficion; the surprise opener delivered, the first few matches were fun and AAA pulled off a surprise return as well as one could possibly do so. And then things cratered with boring upper card matches, a so bad it was funny hardcore match and a lame duck main event. Of course things then got interesting with a backstage brawl to close things out but by then the show had gone so long and gotten so rough that I’m not sure it hit as hard as it could’ve. In the end though AAA did some things right, did some things wrong, should do better this Sunday and enough talk because I need to post this review and go to sleep. Let’s get cracking.



Dragon Bane, Freelance Iron Kid defeated Drastik Boy, Impulso, Low Rider


You’ll never believe it sports fans BUT THE TRADITION OF GREAT AAA OPENERS CONTINUES! As it turns out the Mixed Tag Team match wasn’t the opener; it was Freelance, Iron Kid, Drastik Boy and a few other dudes being brought in to do the same thing the guys in Tijuana and Tehuacan did. And bah gawd they did it! This was probably the third best match of the three recent AAA openers but damn if it wasn’t sublime. The action was nonstop and honestly, some of the dives were even better. Iron Kid’s Brillo Whatever The Hell was absolute magic and Freelance…FREELANCE BABY! The dude is pushing forty and he was flying around better several of the twenty years old AAA has. How he’s still alive after this is a mystery since he kept flying into the crowd and landing everywhere. Those two were the biggest stars but everyone here chipped in, much like the last two great openers. Just tremendous stuff and thank Grodd for this match because it was a nice memory as things slowly disintegrated as the show went on.


AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championship Match

Big Mami & Niño de Hamburguesa (c) defeated La Hiedra & Villano III Jr.


You can tell it’s a new day in AAA because we now live in a world where I’m going to tell you this match was watchable. Big Mami/Niño Hamburguesa vs. La Hiedra/Villano III Jr. was watchable and not just because Villano III Jr. did all the work! Now, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, I should point out that this match wouldn’t have quite carried on the new tradition of great AAA openers if it had opened. Even still, for who was in it, it was far better than it had any right to be. Big Mami can do very little, but she was over doing it in this match and generally was just played for laughs. Hamburguesa was actually pretty fun and his tope into the seats was impressive if you forget that he hit it with the ref holding the ropes open for him. La Hiedra and Villano were the stars though. Villano is very good anyway and he easily lapped the field in this match with some above average work. But Hiedra was really impressive; she moved better than I’ve ever seen her move in a match before, looked crisp with everything she did and even seemed to be adding moves. It was a good performance from her and makes me want to see more of her going forward. That’s a success in my book. Overall this didn’t reinvent the wheel, but it was a fine match and better than anyone could’ve expected.


Kings of the North


Hey now; a rare in ring segment for AAA! Los OGT’s came out with Super Fly on crutches and a knee brace, which didn’t stop them from calling out Poder del Norte for an early preview of their hair match this Sunday. Only Mocho Cota came out…except not because IT WAS A TRAP! The next thing you know Poder del Norte were wrecking shit, Averno was busted open via a Volador to Rush style chair shot after being slingshotted into Carta Brava Jr.’s swing, Chessman had been taped to the ropes and Super Fly’s leg was even worse off than usual. It was great! Brava, Cota and Tito Santana already looked strong going into Verano de Escandalo but this solidified them as killers. It’s a shame they’re probably not winning that match. Although maybe they will because Super Fly can’t go? It’s interesting AAA played that up; either it’s something to excuse the OGT’s losing, Super Fly is going to overcome it or OGT’s will replace him. Time to scour the Mexican indies to see who can be a new OGT member!


AAA Reina de Reinas Championship Match

Faby Apache (c) defeated Ashley


The moment Faby Apache walked out with a Denzel Washington esq “Imma murder this woman” look on her face, I knew this would be a memorable match. Unfortunately it was more memorable for what happened after it than what happened during! I thought Faby was super good in this; some may have wanted it to be more of a classic “stiff” Faby Apache performance, but she still got some licks in and her wrestling was on point. Ashley just wasn’t up to snuff. She tried and she wasn’t awful, but it doesn’t say a lot about you when La Hiedra out wrestles you on the night. I guess it was a good thing AAA got this out of the way when they did, especially since what happened in the post match happened. First we had Lady Shani come out to attack Faby and cut a promo, which was all well and good…UNTIL BLACK TAURUS RETURNED AS A MEMBER OF TEAM FABY AND KNOCKED SHANI OUT! Yes Taurus is back, many people are happy and him and Faby together is…it’s a pretty good union I dare say. That post match segment was outstanding and pretty much made the match worthwhile. It’s just a shame Ashley didn’t step up to the plate during the match to make it complete.


It’s Still a MAD, MAD World




I’m honestly not sure what happened here. It appeared Kevin Kross and a masked MAD member robbed a merch guy, Juventud Guerrera trashed a locker room, they then may have trashed another locker room and then the Juice was spraying the camera. I believe that’s what happened at least. Who cares; it was energetic and chaotic. Just as it should’ve been.


AAA World Cruiserweight Championship Match

Australian Suicide (c) defeated Lanzeloth


It might just be me but this wasn’t even close to the match these two had at Guerra de Titanes in January. I don’t know what it was; they were trying and some of the stuff they did was really cool, it just never felt like this match got out of first gear. I think it may have just been an excitement thing. The Guerra de Titanes match was nonstop action almost to a fault. This was a little slower, Australian Suicide was trying nearly as much and compared to the guys in the opener Lanzeloth’s offense came across as lacking. Perhaps that’s the problem; you’ve got those opening match guys doing so much and now everyone else after is a step below. I guess we’ll see going forward. In any event this was okay and at least Australian Suicide retained. It felt like it should’ve been better though.


A Night Off for Psycho


And just like that the night of surprises continued. Out walked Psycho Clown who was scheduled for the main event…until he wasn’t because he had an injured leg. Must be from all that skipping and hopping he does. El Hijo del Fantasma didn’t take too kindly to this and came out to call Psycho on it, leading to the two trading words before Fantasma left. I was pretty sure that was it, only Taurus apparently decided his night wasn’t over and returned to make his Lady Shani attack look timid compared to what he did to Psycho. Let’s just say if Psycho couldn’t wrestle before, he really couldn’t after Taurus took a chair to his leg about five or six times. My Grodd; you think AAA is high on the returning Taurus? I’d dare say they are.


Cuervo, Escoria, Imposter La Parka defeated Dave the Clown, Joe Lider, La Parka Negra


This really should’ve just been an Escoria-Parka Negra singles match. Those were easily the two best guys in this match and they easily had the best sequences, topped off with Escoria hitting Parka Negra with a great 450 Splash and then following it up with a brilliant suicide tornillo later on. Have I mentioned how underrated Escoria is lately? After that though this was largely what we all feared, only it was thankfully kept short. Cuervo continues to do nothing, Joe Lider took a stupid bump because that’s what Joe Lider does and the Imposter Parka/Dave the Clown stuff was an eyesore at best. The good news is Parka submitted Dave pretty easily, which to me felt like the end of this program. If that’s the case, Grodd bless this match because I was done with that whole thing something fierce. The final few seasons of Dexter weren’t as bad as this feud, or so I hear.


Kevin Kross Gonna Kill Us All!




Máximo & La Máscara defeated Histeria & Psicosis


This was the exact same match these teams had a few days ago, with one difference; CHAIRS!


Image result for eye roll gif


Yeah the chairs didn’t help. I get that Histeria and Psicosis were trying their best here and all, but the simple fact is those guys aren’t good and haven’t been good in Grodd only knows how long. Frankly Máximo is the only one in this match who is good given that La Máscara is on perpetual coast mode these days. That alone guaranteed this match wasn’t going to be anything more than okay, and I struggle to give it that rating as this match seemed to go on and on and on before Máximo finally kissed Histeria to put things away. Not good. I love what you’re doing overall right now AAA, but if you could please stop with these Vipers/Brazos matches that wouldn’t fit in 2015, that would be great.


Murder Clown defeated Pagano



Ladies and gentlemen I have seen Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka, I watched with glee as Psycho Clown and Pagano maimed each other at Triplemania; hell I’ve seen a grown man satisfy a camel (just kidding; or am I?). This was dumber, funnier and more violent than all of those things. One moment Pagano was showing why he’s a great lucha extrema luchadore, the next he was completely missing a moonsault in the stands or barely rotating enough to take a top rope German Suplex through a light tube clad table. It was hilarity at the dumbest level. I’m not even sure Murder Clown did anything in this match, other than a few power moves and a few attempts at bumps. It was terrible, far worse than I thought, and yet still really entertaining anyway. It also gave us yet another Black Taurus appearance, with the bull on parade coming back to cost Pagano the match by nailing an absolutely terrifying Awful Waffle. You can understand I was very confused at this point. Is Taurus feuding Pagano, Lady Shani and Psycho Clown? Is he a contract for hire guy? In the words of Dusty Rhodes, WHAT DA HELL IS GOIN ON HEYAH?!


AAA World Tag Team Championship Match

El Hijo del Fantasma & Pagano defeated Rey Escorpión & Texano Jr. by DQ


It had been threatening for awhile sports fans but here is where the show finally went off the rails. It was pretty clear that Psycho Clown wasn’t going to be able to go after that Taurus attack earlier, so Fantasma was allowed to choose a new partner; Pagano, aka the guy who just also got wrecked by Taurus right after going through a lucha extrema match. To AAA’s credit the whole point of this was to have Pagano fight from underneath and set up Fantasma’s rudo turn, which he pulled off after abandoning Pagano to the wolves at the very end. It just doesn’t make for an exciting match is all, at least outside of a few Escorpión/Texano moments. Then again AAA wasn’t looking for that; the whole point of this main event was to then segue into an out of control backstage brawl where everyone was fighting everyone. Well except for this guy.



By now we know that this is supposed to be Konnan and the whole point of this image is that AAA is too busy fighting each other to notice the true enemy is Konnan, Kross, Juvy, Teddy Hart and whoever else is involved (I would bank money that Black Taurus is a part of it as well). Did they do a good enough job of that? I’m not sure. The cliffhanger was nice, the brawl was a good idea in theory and the chaotic ending fit the chaos that’s engulfing AAA right now. After that back end of the show though I’m not entirely sure this hit as hard as it could’ve. It’s something though and hopefully this leads into the next, better chapter of AAA and out of the old one for good.


And we’re done sports fans. I’m off to sleep; I need it after this show kept me up so late. Let’s hope tomorrow’s CMLL doesn’t do the same. Till that review, SLEEP!


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