I was very excited for AAA’s second edition of Guerra de Titanes tonight sports fans. On paper it was a show that a) had the most storylines going into it that AAA had done this year and b) had a lot of appealing matches. Boy did it not quite turn out that way. This wasn’t one of the worst AAA shows of the year; in fact there were three matches on this card that I’d say were highly entertaining and AAA made a good call concerning the Mega Championship situation. But on the whole this show was vastly disappointing, loaded with bad finishes, mediocre matches, bad finishes, a crowd that got progressively worse as the show went along and did I mention bad finishes? There wasn’t anything as soul sucking as Jeff Jarrett, AAA Mega Champion from Verano de Escandalo but this was a discouraging show on the whole, especially since we know AAA can do better. And now that you’re all suitably depressed about this, let’s dive even further into the abyss! It’s review time.



Brazo Stuff


I’d say only AAA could take the one feud no one cares about and double down on it, but I’m pretty sure CMLL’s done that fifteen times alone this year so I’ll refrain. It doesn’t change that AAA did spend too much time trying to add heat to this Máximo-Máscara feud, first by having the Brazo family (including the long forgotten Goya Kong!) trying to confront Máscara in a park, followed by Máscara’s uncle confronting him in ring. All it led to was the unsurprising event of Máscara betraying his uncle, followed by Máximo taking forever to make the save. I probably should take the time to find out the name of the uncle who got beaten up here, but like AAA when they planned out this whole scenario, I just can’t bring myself to care. I loathed this and boy did it turn out to be an omen for how much of the show would play out.


Four Way Match for the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship

Lady Shani defeated Faby Apache, La Hiedra and Scarlett Bordeaux

Let’s start with some good news sports fans; instead of shoehorning someone in to replace Keyra (who was off taking part in a WWE tryout in Chile), AAA made the right decision to turn this match into a four way. And that’s where the good news comes to an end. The match was actually going along just fine but it was completely neutered by the ending, which saw Tirantes turn on Faby to help Lady Shani win the title. I don’t get it either. I guess this was a way to protect Faby while losing the title? Whatever it was it came off as third rate and very silly, which is a shame because Shani as champion is a good decision. Well that and the match was going good before it. Shani and La Hiedra were both solid, Faby looked good when she had stuff to do and Scarlett…well actually I’m not sure why she was in the match seeing as she departed midway through. I thought it was to set up her running in with Killer Kross; alas no. It’s probably a good thing she did because the ending of the match was that bad. A very strange start to the show, and yet not as strange as what followed.


Angelikal is…Myzteziz Jr.?


You read that right sports fans. No sooner was the opener over did Imposter La Parka come out with Angelikal, a weird enough occurrence on a normal show. And then it got weirder! Parka announced that Angelikal needed a new name and gave him a Myzteziz mask, officially naming him Myzteziz Jr. Somewhere nearby a certain luchador surely had no reaction to this.


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If this isn’t the perfect photo for the situation, I don’t know what is


Why did AAA do this? I have no idea. It could be as simple as AAA wanting to tick off Carístico (who strikes me as the kind of guy who’d call every lawyer he knows over this) or it could just be another example of AAA trying to bring back old gimmicks instead of just letting the young luchadores be themselves. I do know it was definitely as silly as it came across…and yet probably not as silly at the same time. I definitely agree that bringing the Myzteziz name back is kind of pointless but in the end, what does it really change? Angelikal is still going to double moonsaults and crazy dives; now he’ll just look even more like Carístico than he already did. Unless Carístico is going to go full Octagón on him, this was a moment that was extremely goofy when it happened and otherwise life will go on as Myzteziz continues to have the same high quality performances he always does. And wouldn’t you know, that’s exactly what happened tonight! More on that in a paragraph though.


La Máscara, La Parka Negra, Taurus defeated Mamba, Maximo, Pimpinela Escarlata


In retrospect, I wonder if the start of this show was so bad so it would make this match look better by comparison. However you slice it, this was 100 times better than it had any right to be. It was still flawed; how Máximo was still doing his antics after Máscara beat up his uncle earlier makes little kayfabe sense, Máscara couldn’t have looked more mailed in if he was the package from Cast Away and the match was too short to leave a massive impression. Then again, did we really want this match to go long? I didn’t think so. The important thing is I didn’t hate it like I expected. Huge credit goes to Parka Negra and Taurus; they were giving a full effort despite the lameness of the situation, did a hell of a job in making all three technicos look respectable and even looked decent on offense. They deserved better than being involved in this. I suppose you could categorize this all as a failure as I still give no shits about this Máximo-Máscara feud, but I was expecting colossal boredom and this was at least semi-interesting. Credit where credit is due I suppose.


AAA World Trios Championship Match

Hijo del Vikingo, Laredo Kid, Myzteziz Jr. defeated Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana


Say what you will about the Myzteziz name change sports fans…but when you have matches like The Artist Formerly Known as Angelikal just had with his buddies and Poder del Norte, I say your name can be whatever. Alright maybe not Hijo del Octagón; that could lead to get getting held up at autograph signings by armed bodyguards.


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Never Forget


My Grodd sports fans; this was excellent across the board. It might’ve been even better if AAA hadn’t then gotten too greedy and done a bonus match that, even now, seems like it should’ve have existed. Maybe this bout wasn’t as crazy as the previous two matches between these two teams were, but in many ways the match was better for that. By staying more in control and not trying too many off the wall ideas it allowed the action to be smoother, and Laredo, Myzteziz and and Vikingo are so exciting anyway that the stuff they did still really stuck out. They were strong throughout and Poder del Norte matched them every step of the way with arguably their best performance of the year that didn’t happen against Los OGT’s. And they’ve had numerous great performances this year if you’ll recall. In the end it was exactly the type of match you’d want with the great action, great drama, the crowd being super into it (despite none of these six being what we’d call top stars) and a deserving title change for three luchadores who have more than earned some accolades. This was a tremendous match and it would’ve been better if…


Imposter La Parka, Laredo Kid, Myzteziz Jr. defeated Averno, Chessman, Super Fly


Sports fans, if AAA had just kept this as a post match angle where Los OGT’s challenged the new Trios Champions and then beat them up a bit before Tombstoning Vikingo (which was what initially happened) then I would’ve called this a great angle. Instead it turned into a match and I can only assume it did because Imposter Parka needed to steal the spotlight in a way Vampiro wouldn’t even do. It be one thing to come out and put over Laredo, Myzteziz and Vikingo, which appeared to be all he was doing at first. To then replace an injured Vikingo and get most of the offense in this match? It makes no sense and it played out as annoying as one would expect. There were some nice things in this impromptu bout (like Angelikal and Laredo Kid’s double dive sequence) and the initial beat down was quite good. But once it turned into the match it felt less like a great angle and more like Imposter Parka’s vanity project, and the mask pull finish at the end was not only dull but embarrassing after Parka’s mask didn’t come off. Stupid, stupid, stupid, and I honestly think it took away a bit from the last match and the title victory. A true shame because both of those things felt like great moments.


Three Way Tag Team Match for the AAA Tag Team Championships

Rey Escorpión & Texano Jr. (c) defeated Joe Lider & Pagano and Cíclope & Miedo Extremo


Sports fans, I think it needs to be a requirement from this point forward that Rey Escorpión and Texano be in all these Lucha Extrema matches. They helped make the Triplemania street fight into one of the best matches on that show and by Grodd they elevated this match something fierce was well. I LOVED this match. It was exactly what it needed to be and then some because Escorpión and Texano are just that good. They have a presence to them that Cíclope and Miedo Extremo don’t yet have, they have the skill Pagano and Lider don’t have and they have the creativity all those guys have. Who else could come up with such an awesome spot as Escorpión catching an Extremo dive then powerbombing him through a set of chairs and some light tubes? That might’ve been my favorite spot EVER; just completely awesome. And it was only one of many insane spots in this match. Cíclope and Extremo both had great moments and several great dives (though Cíclope’s Sunset Flip Powerbomb through a table could’ve gone better), Joe Lider tried hard and killed himself as per usual and Pagano…well he did what he did best and didn’t fuck anything up that badly. He also took the loss, which was nice. Frankly I have no complaints here. If you like Lucha Extrema then you’ll love this match and even if you don’t I think it had a ton of value. A really, really entertaining watch, largely because the Tag Team Champions were that damn good.


AAA Latin American Championship Match

Drago defeated El Hijo del Fantasma

You may remember back in August that Fenix, Bandido and Flamita had one hell of a three way match for AAA, only it was hurt by a terrible crowd. I hadn’t even realized we were in the same building tonight that we were four months ago…until this match happened. These people made the crowd for that three way match look like the Boston Red Sox World Series parade. I thought it may have just been because Drago and Fantasma were following that crazy Extrema match but no; they were dead the rest of the way too! This was a Corpus Christi level crowd sports fans, and Corpus Christi is the living embodiment of this gif.



Image result for crickets gif

What blasphemy it was for this crowd to be so bad given how good of a match they got with this one. In terms of pure wrestling I thought Drago and Fantasma put on a performance just as good as the Trios Titles match earlier. They wrestled a well paced, back and forth match that didn’t have many flashy moves but had zero mistakes, great timing and great drama. The story they told was pretty great too, with Fantasma controlling most of the action but, due to his arrogance, he kept allowing Drago to stay in the match until Drago pulled it off in the end with the Dragon’s Tail pinning combination. Just as someone predicted! It wasn’t as good as the three way from August but, like that match, if you had put these two in the BBQ joint Lucha Capital has been held in I’m pretty sure people would be raving about this match. It was that good and both Drago and Fantasma deserve huge credit. I just fear the crowd was so bad here that the match will be overlooked on the whole. It won’t be by me at least. I thought this was a terrific match, one of only three bright spots on the show and a great moment for Drago, who has long deserved a chance to carry a singles title. Now if only AAA would do the same with Aerostar!


Fenix Remains Champion, Will Face Laredo Kid!


Remember how Fenix was going to drop the title tonight and someone else was going to win it?



Turns out Fenix still has some gas left in the tank for this title run after all sports fans. I’m not sure if we all got fooled into thinking he was dropping the title or if AAA made an 11th hour decision to keep the belt on him. All I know is that Cage didn’t appear on this show, also due to injury (boy was this match snake bitten!) and Fenix then came out to explain his situation, leading to Laredo Kid coming out to challenge him to a match yet again. Fenix accepted, so unless AAA completely forgets you can probably pencil Fenix-Laredo in for January and as a major Match of the Year contender for 2019. And that was that, besides the fact that the crowd couldn’t have cared less about all this as well. In the end I think this is the best AAA could do with the situation. I don’t know what the future holds for Fenix in AAA but he’s definitely the best guy to hold the Mega Championship, and keeping it on him until he’s healthy enough to lose it does at least give credibility to whoever (Laredo, Cage, Fantasma) beats him. You wish everyone was healthy, but on the whole I think AAA made the right call with this decision. Be sure to remind me of this next week if Fenix is then stripped of the title and Dave the Clown is made Mega Champion.


Blue Demon Jr. & Killer Kross defeated Dr. Wagner Jr. & Psycho Clown


If I were to ever start naming matches after Buffy episodes, this match would be called “Doomed.” I think that pretty much sums it up, but let’s get more in depth anyway because wow this match was a mess. The crowd once again didn’t give a shit, which is startlingly considering it had Demon, Wagner and Psycho, three big stars all in this match. It was so bad that Vampiro was the only guy to receive a pop during his run in, and even then it was mild. Even a hot crowd wouldn’t have salvaged this match though. It was all sorts of there, with nothing happening outside of a nice double suicide dive spot by Psycho and Wagner, a miracle in the worst way considering Psycho is a guy who can make even the worst bout passable. He was just given nothing to do here, as the match took a back seat to Scarlett Bordeaux, once again paired with Killer Kross, interfering and then to Hijo del Tirantes screwing up the finish. The Scarlett stuff is understandable; the Tirantes stuff was just dumb. Throw in nothing being set up after the match and this main event was one you want to forget. Considering how some other parts of this show went, I think this main event was strangely fitting.


That’ll do it sports fans. I’ll see you tomorrow for the CMLL Puebla results. TILL THEN!


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