Who’s ready for some ratings talk?! The Nielsen numbers are in for the week of May 24th and it’s good news for both AAA and CMLL. The former’s Friday show on Azteca 7 did a 1.13 rating with 673.85K viewers. Though we have yet to receive the ratings from the week of May 17th, these numbers are up from the first and second week of May, which drew a 0.89 rating with 504.03K viewers and 0.74 rating with 416.26K viewers respectively. CMLL also saw a slight gain, drawing a 0.29 rating with 162.93K viewers for their Saturday show on Televisa’s Gala TV. Both numbers are slightly up from two weeks ago, which did a 0.26 rating with 145.29K viewers.


Overall the numbers had little impact AAA’s control over Mexican TV, as they remain the highest rated wrestling show in the country by a good distance over both WWE RAW and Smackdown. The two programs drew a 0.53 rating with 300.30K viewers (RAW) and a 0.51 rating with 287.60K viewers (Smackdown) still over 300K off of AAA’s numbers.