The second week of May was not a great one for either AAA or CMLL as far as ratings are concerned. Lucha Central has received a copy of the Nielsen report that shows AAA’s Friday show on Azteca 7 drew a 0.74 rating with 416.26K viewers; both numbers are down from the 0.89 rating and 504.03K viewers from the first week of May, making it the third consecutive week AAA has lost viewers. It wasn’t all bad however for AAA, as they remain the most watched wrestling promotion in Mexico, beating out both WWE RAW and Smackdown in viewership after both shows drew a 0.50 rating, with 282.02K viewers and 280.91K viewers respectively.


Things didn’t go much better for CMLL. Saturday’s showing on Gala TV drew 0.26 rating with 145.29K viewers, both down from the 0.33 rating and 184.67K viewers from the previous week. This is a slight disappointment for the promotion, after they appeared to be trending upward after two respectable showings over the last two weeks.