After a month of middling ratings following Triplemania, lucha libre had a great week on TV according to Nielsen. No one however had a better week than AAA. The promotion’s Friday show on Azteca 7 showing drew a 1.77 rating and 995.47K viewers, a drastic increase from last week’s 0.71 rating and 401.14K viewers (in total AAA drew well over half a million more viewers this week than last). According to our numbers this is the second highest number AAA has drawn this year, with only Triplemania XXVII’s 2.89 rating and 1,630.45 million viewers beating it. The high rating can likely be attributed to said Triplemania event, as two of the matches shown were Cain Velasquez’ wrestling debut and the Team AAA vs. Team AEW match from said so (the third match was a replay of the Jeff Jarrett vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. hair match from last year’s Heroes Inmortales).


AAA wasn’t the only one have a great showing however, as CMLL’s Saturday show on Gala TV drew a 0.72 rating and 408.17K viewers. Not only are these numbers significantly up from last week’s 0.40 rating and 223.14K viewers but it also serves as the best number (that we have) CMLL’s drawn on Gala TV this year, beating out the 0.59 rating and 333.63K viewers from the week of July 27th. Even more surprising than the number is the fact that the CMLL show wasn’t that strong, mostly featuring undercard matches from last Friday’s Super Viernes to go along with more buildup for the cage match main event at the 86th Aniversario. This is perhaps the first sign of the Aniversario’s significance to CMLL viewership, as well as potentially proof that the main event (featuring the likes of Barbaro Cavernario, Ciber the Main Man, Negro Casas, Ultimo Guerrero and Volador Jr.) is a more popular match than its appeared.


Meanwhile Nacion de Lucha Libre, while far behind its two competitors, also bounced back this week with a 0.58 rating and 328.56K viewers, up from last week’s 0.38 rating and 215.05K viewers. While it looks like NLL will be behind both AAA and CMLL for the time being, these numbers at least solidify their standing as a solid third place option in the lucha libre landscape. As usual, all three promotions defeated WWE’s RAW and Smackdown programs easily, with Smackdown drawing a 0.43 rating and 242.63K viewers while RAW drew a 0.32 rating and 178.11K viewers. The most amazing stat of the week perhaps is that AAA’s rating beat the two WWE ratings combined by 1.02, a sign of just how much more momentum AAA has in Mexico over WWE at the moment.


Week of September 7th

AAA on Azteca 7: 1.77 rating, 995.47K viewers

CMLL on Gala TV: 0.72 rating, 408.17K viewers

NLL on Imagen TV: 0.58 rating, 328.56K viewers

WWE Smackdown: 0.43 rating, 242.63K viewers

WWE RAW: 0.32 rating, 178.11K viewers


Week of August 31st

AAA on Azteca 7: 0.71 rating, 401.14K viewers

CMLL on Gala TV: 0.40 rating, 223.14K viewers

NLL on Imagen TV: 0.38 rating, 215.05K viewers

WWE RAW: 0.28 rating, 155.94K viewers

WWE Smackdown: 0.33 rating, 184.41K viewers


Week of August 10th

AAA on Azteca: 0.66 rating, 370.64K

NLL on Imagen TV: 0.55 rating, 310.32K

CMLL on Gala TV: 0.49 rating, 274.90K

WWE RAW: 0.37 rating, 210.18K

WWE Smackdown: 0.37 rating, 206.06K


Week of August 3rd

Triplemania XXVII: 2.89 rating, 1,630.45 million viewers

AAA on Azteca 7: 0.74 rating, 417.32K viewers

CMLL on Gala TV: 0.40 rating, 223.47K viewers

NLL on Imagen TV: 0.36 rating, 204.89K viewers

WWE Smackdown: 0.36 rating, 204.63K viewers

WWE RAW: 0.27 rating, 152.73K viewers


Week of July 27th

AAA on Azteca 7: 0.71 rating, 398.95K viewers

CMLL on Gala TV: 0.59 rating, 333.63K viewers

NLL on Imagen TV: 0.53 rating, 298.56K viewers

WWE Smackdown: 0.23 rating, 131.91K viewers

WWE RAW: 0.18 rating, 103.37K viewers


Week of July 20th

AAA on Azteca 7: 0.92 rating, 518.06K viewers

NLL on Imagen TV: 0.55 rating, 310.18K viewers

CMLL on Gala TV: 0.46 rating, 257.04K viewers

WWE Smackdown: 0.34 rating, 193.16K viewers

WWE RAW: 0.20 rating, 111.88K viewers


Week of July 13th

AAA on Azteca 7: 1.04 rating, 588.98K viewers

WWE Smackdown: 0.30 rating, 169.29K viewers

CMLL on Gala TV: 0.30 rating, 167.76K viewers

WWE RAW: 0.27 rating, 152.16K viewers


Week of July 6th

AAA on Azteca 7: 0.93 rating, 525.27K viewers

CMLL on Gala TV: 0.55 rating, 309.69K viewers

WWE Smackdown: 0.43 rating, 244.94K viewers

WWE RAW: 0.36 rating, 204.72K viewers


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